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The support
  • AL RAFEH believes that no machine can continue to work efficiently on the site with preventive maintenance, proper support and repair.
  • We achieve a superior service by keeping machines available at work by:
  • An extensive workshop that deals with all types of repairs like engine transmissions and main components overhauls and repair.
  • On the site workshop, all project machines are serviced by mechanics and technicians who stay on the sites on 24 hours basis. Containers of spare parts and advanced tools are kept on the project site to execute fast repairs immediately and promptly
  • Field Service: To maintain the machines on sites regular and scheduled visits are carried on during our rental contract with our client, by our field servicemen who are equipped with the latest service trucks with fitted tools which are highly advanced.
  • A store of spare parts which contains a large stock of all parts needed for preventive maintenance or major overhauls. The store is directly connected to the sites by the latest communication system of mobile phones, mobile faxes and laptops to handle emails and find solutions swiftly and fastly.
  • Our store men and staff are also connected to suppliers by online computer system that connects them directly to the suppliers stock of availability of spare parts in the whole Gulf Countries.
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